Star Trek: Phoenix

Episode 2: Scylla Part 2

Borg encounter

After repelling the Borg Invasion of their ship, the crew of the Nash worked on a plan to stall the drones by inserting a virus into the Central Plexus of the Damaged Cube. A small Borg Scout Probe was tractoring a Ferengi Marauder towards the Cube remnant to use as repair materials. Morganth ordered the ship to attack it and in the ensuing fight, the Nash took heavy damage but was able to destroy the probe.

After finishing the Neural Processor modifications, Klax was able to activate a computer link between several other ships stranded there and use them as a remote control make-shift fleet.

Bigglesworth, Klax and a small security crew beamed over to the cube while Acting-Captain Morganth coordinated a strike on the outside of the cube. On the way to the Central Plexus, Klax was able to take detailed scans of the borg drones and the cube internal, itself as well as download information off their mainframe. Morganth ordered Jericho to download as much of the database as they could get off a Klingon Bird of Prey that they had hijacked control of.

Bigglesworth successfully uploaded the virus, but it activated a lock-down in the Plexus chamber including a dampening field that prevented beam out. With no way to get to him, he bravely asked Morganth to beam the away team out and leave him behind. After beaming them out, Morganth had the drone ships crash into the subspace distortion device. Once freed, he set a return course to Earth Space Dock for repair.

Shortly after getting underway, a Priority-1 communication was transmitted for Captain’s eyes only. In it he was ordered to disable the Federation transponder, set course for Memory Alpha and run silent the whole way. No comms under any circumstances.

Along the way they secretly helped a vessel in distress by dropping a distress beacon and used a Nebula to avoid a Federation Patrol. Upon arriving at Memory Alpha, they were contacted again and ordered to go to the third moon (stuck in a rotation that kept one side facing the planet) and orbit it’s dark side. The Dark Side was completely bare. Once there, an Admiral who identified himself as Vice Admiral Aldrich came on the screen and said he was sending security codes to the computer to allow them access. After discussing it and analyzing the signal, Morganth allowed the transmission. The transmission altered the sensors revealing a facility hidden on the moon. Tara docked the Nash and they were met at the Airlock by a heavily armed quarantine team.

After two days of debriefing and medical tests, they were brought into a conference room where Aldrich appeared on-screen and informed them that they had been missing for 8 months and the Nash was reported lost with all hands. Given the climate of politics, Starfleet felt that it could work as a good cover for a crew capable of doing undercover work. They were going to refit the Nash, rename her and send them back out.

After another week of refits (where the crew was allowed to stay in nicer suites and socialize with each other, but not anyone on the station), the Nash was rechristened the USS Breckinridge. Her weapons were updated with Pulse Phaser Cannons, Quantum Micro-Torpedoes, variant modulation Phaser Beam Arrays and a cloaking device. The warp drive was updated to a newer model and the LCARS systems and interfaces were completely overhauled. As well holographic systems were seeded throughout the ship in order to enable a photonic crew in case of emergencies.

Morganth was made permanent captain of the Breckinridge and his crew’s starfleet records were altered to act as cover ID’s and they were given different last names. Luckily some of them (like Jericho and Klax) had relatively common names for their races, so wouldn’t raise questions.

The crew was given new orders to head to Cardassia Prime under the cover mission of delivering Medical relief aid. While there they had to investigate a little and gauge the reason for a recent series of riots and revolts.

First they were given requisition orders and had to stop at Earth Space Dock in order to pick up replacement crews. This included a detachment of Marines and a new chief engineer. As a replacement to the loss of the senior engineering staff, the Breckinridge was assigned Dr. Estal Jet, former researcher with the Daystrom Institute, as chief engineer of the ship. Even though she was a civilian researcher, she was given a field rank of lieutenant.

Any player trying to search the system for records of their visit to Memory Alpha will note that the logs showed they docked with a storage facility near Memory Alpha (but in another star system) to pick up medical supplies. All records, including the updated sensor programming, of their visit have been removed or changed.



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