The Galaxy is in a Time of Conflict.

After the Hobus star caused the destruction of Romulus, the Alpha and Beta Quadrants fell into conflict.

Fearing an incursion of the Undine (also known as Species 8472) into the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant, Ambassador Worf of the Klingon Empire came before the Federation requesting help and co-operation. They casually dismissed it as nothing to worry about. Fearing that this meant that the Federation had already been compromised, Chancellor J’mpok called for the dissolution of the Khitomer Accords and the Empire began a rapid expansion, enveloping the Gorn Hedgemony, Orion Syndicate, and Naussicans.

Several powers now threaten the Federation. There’s the True Way, Borg incursions, Klingon Empire, and elements of the Romulan Empire who believe that the current administration is weak for accepting aid from the Federation.

It’s during this time that our crew finds itself getting involved in events that could change the galaxy forever.

Star Trek: Phoenix

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